In May 2021 we presented project application to Erasmus+ and started with project November 2021. For the project we needed a variety of partners who were enthusiastic about the field and also had the required experience. Achieving the desired result and making the necessary changes is more likely by managing the project ourselves.

Puhastusekspert decided to be the lead partner because we have experience from several previous projects in which we have been partners, and we are currently managing a project as well. Prior experience suggests that successful project work is based on a reliable and hard-working team. This is why a variety of partners are involved in the project, as they help maintain a balance.

Propuhtaus – the company’s leader Tarja Valkosalo has worked in the field of cleaning for more than 30 years, trained others and written books and articles. Tarja has experience in searching for and processing scientific studies. She is aware of international developments. She has also prepared materials about ergonomics in the field of cleaning in the past.

SVS – the biggest trainer and developer in the field of cleaning in the Netherlands. The company has extensive experience in the preparation and dissemination of training materials, including about ergonomics.

Brite-Sol Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság – Hungary is a country in which the provision of cleaning services is a newer area in comparison with the Netherlands. We would like to test the materials developed in the project and measure their impact. The company is just the right size for this purpose.

Kick-off meeting 24-25-01.2022 Tallinn