Propuhtaus is a private trader company founded in February 2019. The company is owned by Tarja Valkosalo. Propuhtaus produces educational material for cleaning organisations, and publishes e-learning courses and articles based on scientific research. The aim of the company is to produce up to date knowledge-based learning material by following closely scientific research related to cleaning work and environmental cleaning.

Tarja Valkosalo has worked over 30 years in the professional cleaning industry in many positions. She has graduated from University of Helsinki, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, after studying home technology. Professional cleaning was part of the studies. During her career, she has, among other things – written manuscripts for several cleaning textbooks, videos and e-learning courses – worked as a teacher to educate cleaners and supervisors – been the editor-inchief of a professional cleaning magazine – arranged two international scientific congresses in the field of professional cleaning – represented Finnish professional cleaning sector at Nordic and European meetings – been a member of several development project steering groups. Activities in the area relevant for this project – She has written a manuscript for an interactive e-learning material of cleaning work ergonomics for Finnish National Agency for Education ( – Ergonomics is included in almost all the books, videos and other study materials she has written or in which she has worked as producer. – She has written several articles on ergonomics. – She has followed for many years the statistics of cleaner work-related accidents and sick leave and has written articles about the subject for a professional cleaning magazine and her company website.