Ergonomics and accidents in cleaning work

This report presents the survey results and smart wear measurements obtained. A list of existing training materials is published on every partner website and on the project website
The results will be used to plan the content of the guidance materials to be produced by the ErgoClean project. The aim is to develop materials for training in the ergonomics of cleaning so as to prevent the most common occupational diseases and accidents.
Because of the relatively small scale of this research, no scientific conclusions can be drawn for the time being.

Main findings
Cleaners and supervisors regard cleaning as a good job. They feel cleaning is important and meaningful work.
Although cleaners and supervisors are mostly satisfied with their work, they recognise several stress factors. Seventy per cent of the cleaners surveyed felt that their work is physically demanding, and 70% of the supervisors found their work mentally demanding. Only 7% of the cleaners had not felt any body pains. Pain was felt especially in the neck, the shoulders, and the lower back.

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