Project outputs

Duration 3 years within the project, we plan to implement the following activities:

  • mapping the available cleaning ergonomics materials, we give an overview of where they can be found;
  • finding out the 20 most common causes of occupational diseases and accidents in the field of cleaning;
  • identifying the needs of cleaning companies to improve cleaning ergonomics, to which more attention should be paid in vocational education;
  • compiling study materials (educational films) to prevent the 20 most common occupational diseases and accidents and focus on the possibility of their international use, regardless of the language skills of the employee and the cleaning specifics of the area;
  • making the prepared materials available to everyone free of charge;
  • preparing a risk analysis, on the basis of which cleaning companies can carry out a risk analysis in their own company;
  • preparing a training program and conduct pilot training to prevent the 20 most common occupational diseases and accidents.
  • piloting, testing the use of the prepared materials and measure their impact in a Hungarian cleaning company;
  • carrying out active outreach activities involving associated partners, social media, direct contacts, multiplier event.