Learning-teaching-training activity of the project in Amsterdam

What are the most effective ways to teach cleaning ergonomics? What are the new innovative solutions in the field of cleaning ergonomics? We sought answers to these questions with the project partners during the Learning-teaching-training activity in Amsterdam 13.05 – 15.05.2024

The purpose of the meeting was to share experiences, how the use of the first version of the ergonomics teaching materials has gone in different countries and to make the necessary changes in the teaching materials. We were able to learn a lot from each other, because the principles of both cleaning and ergonomics differ from country to country.

In addition to the project partners’ discussions and teaching each other, we visited the Interclean Amsterdam cleaning fair as part of a three-day LTT event, where we got acquainted with innovative solutions in the field of cleaning ergonomics. We got new ideas on how to supplement the soon-to-be-completed educational material so that it is as applicable in real life as possible.

In addition, we visited the i-Team showroom, where various ergonomic cleaning solutions and the principles of how cleaning can be made more efficient, easier and more cost-effective were introduced.

On the last day, we could observe the real cleaning of a metro station and learn about the principles of ergonomics of a cleaning company.

👉The feedback on the educational materials is very positive, and soon we will be able to share free educational materials publicly.

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