Learning-teaching-training activity of the project in Budapest

Do you know how to ergonomically clean the floor or table? We are currently developing educational videos for teaching the ergonomics of 20 cleaning activities. Within this activity, we met with project partners in Budapest on 25.09.2023 – 27.09.2023. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss and physically demonstrate cleaning ergonomics activities of different countries. We could learn a lot from each other, because the principles of both cleaning and ergonomics differ from country to country.

Some thoughts we took with us from Budapest:

What is more important – highly ergonomic operation or dirt removal? Very often, these two ideas conflict with each other, because removing dirt (for example, rubbing sediment or removing stain) requires physical effort. If the activity is done very ergonomically, we keep our body healthy, but in this way we remove less dirt.
Cleaning action = dirt removal! This idea seems very logical, but in real life it requires a very conscious approach. In Budapest, we did several experiments where we proved that by moving back and forth with the cleaning cloth, we do not actually remove the dirt, but move it from one place to another. Together with our partners, we developed a way to wipe dirt from the surface in such a way that it is ergonomic, burdens the body as little as possible, but at the same time removes dirt
Cleaning ergonomics does not only mean physical movements but also mental health. In a study conducted in Finland, it was found that the cleaners rated the high workload caused by the constant rush to clean as the biggest reason for the occurrence of work accidents. Therefore, when developing ergonomic educational films, we emphasize rush and high workload. Once again, it seems very logical that accidents happen in a hurry, but in reality it is not paid attention to.

The educational videos discussed in Budapest will be ready by the end of this year (2023) and then we can share them publicly.

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